Month: March 2009

Pet Peave #1,345,462

Dear Friends,

This morning, I was listening to two sanctimonious pundits from the religious left on KGO talking about abortion information (a.k.a. Family Planning Information) given or not given in Catholic Schools.  The caller was very concerned that Catholic schools were not giving out information on safe sex, etc., etc.  The host made some offhand comment about the church’s oppressive standards, which I am sure included abstention and other deferred gratification issues.

All the while, the increase in 12+ sex in all forms goes unabated.  One has to ask why?

We had one health class in 9th grade that discussed such issues and that was it.  I don’t think this raised the overall promiscuity of the class, and the unwanted pregnancies were minimal.

Now, they drive this stuff into kids heads starting in the 6th grade and before and continue every year making the kids think they are missing something if they don’t hook-up on a daily basis.  Oh yes, this is one of the dirty little secrets of our indoctrination system.

These same pundits will cut a wide path to accommodate the religious preferences of cab drivers refusing to carry dogs or alchohol or handle pork in a packing plant.

Give me a break.