Month: April 2009

You been spun

Dear Friends,

The next time you read the New York Times or tune into CNN, consider filtering what you see and hear through the following.




How Propaganda Works


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Waking Up From the Trance of Social and Scientific Orthodox Propaganda

So, with all the “stuff” out there in terms of what we are being told every day, how do we keep ourselves from becoming duped and “doped”?  Can we achieve immunity from the vast epidemic of mindlessness that sweeps each year like clockwork through our society?

Ask this: What do I know, and how do I know it?  From what source am I getting my information?  How do I recognize a “snowjob”?

If an idea is presented to you as THE explanation for some event or THE solution to some problem, you must say to yourself, “what other solutions are available?” Try playing with other explanations that will lead to other solutions, such as reversing cause-effect relationships.


SWEEPING GENERALITIES or “ALLNESS” STATEMENTS: When you hear or read statements such as “doctors say” or “experts agree”, the implication is that all doctors say, or all experts agree.  Say to yourself, “have you talked to every doctor on the planet or every expert on the planet?”  Likewise, when you hear the expression “nobody knows” or “no known cure” or “no evidence for”, talk back to them and say to yourself, “Nobody you know knows”, or “There is no cure you know of”, or “There is no evidence you know about.” Try substituting SOMENESS in place of ALLNESS – “Some doctors agree”, or “Some scientists say”, and you’ll get the true picture.


Be alert for words like: all, everybody, no one, no, never, always, entirely, totally, completely and absolutely.  Example of an ALLNESS statement: The Salk vaccine was hailed as the “most dramatic breakthrough of the 20th century”.  Here, the unqualified superlatives assume that whoever said this was familiar with all the scientists who ever lived and all the breakthroughs of the 20th century.  The statement also assumes that “a purely objective standard of superiority exists”, which it doesn’t.  When superlatives are used, they should always be qualified, such as “the greatest breakthrough I’ve ever known”.  ALLNESS statements expressed by those who have set themselves as society’s “experts” (with your unwitting support) use ALLNESS statements to “box you in”.  Of course, they have to stay in that same box if they want to keep their “job” as a social “expert”.


AD VERECUNDIAM: This rather trite Latin phrase refers to the false logic of believing “leading authorities” without any supporting science.  Externally, we are speaking of the “mystique” of perceived “authority”.  The maintenance of the “authority mystique” depends heavily on:

Limiting access to information

Limiting access to choices that challenge the position of the “authority”

In other words, ISOLATION of the population. ISOLATION is also a component of brainwashing. Because the intellect learns by COMPARISON, when it is presented with only ONE POINT OF VIEW or CONFLICTING DUALITIES as presented in the orthodox media (resulting in chronic indecision), the intellect loses the capacity to discriminate and ultimately ITS CAPACITY FOR FULLY RATIONAL THOUGHT.

We must not forget that there are many orders, degrees, levels, and kinds of realities that correspond to as many kinds of minds that perceive and create those realities. When this fact is forgotten, TUNNEL VISION develops.

Groups in “power” mode pretend “absolute objectivity”, which of course is impossible, and because they are emotionally and “promotionally” involved, develop TUNNEL VISION. When a group in power has a vested interest in sickness and disease, the approaches to the problem (which in many cases has been deliberately created) will be expensive, circuitous and complex . (AIDS,CANCER, GULF WAR SYNDROME, WAR ON DRUGS, GUN CONTROL)


ONE CATEGORY: One of the results of the Elite – Non-elite polarity in society, as well as the growth of global socialism, is the lumping together of everyone in the population and the adoption of “mass treatment” programs that ignore individual sensitivities and characteristics which socially and biologically makes every “human being” unique.  Thus, we see “mass vaccination”, “mass fluoridation”, “mass genocide” and other forms of this that manifest themselves as HERD PROCESSING.  This type of thought and action carries a tendency to over-simplify solutions, exaggerate benefits, minimize or ignore hazards, discourage or silence the scholarly or thoughtful opposition, create an urgency where none really exists, create mass fear and extend the concept of state police powers far beyond its conceptual limitations.

REASONING BY ANALOGY: Because of the uniqueness of people and events, very often the shared characteristics between events or situations are fewer than the differences between them. When a person decides to make a point by comparing the small number of shared characteristics, it is called “reasoning by analogy”. The problem with this kind of reasoning is that often crucial differences are ignored, leading to faulty analogies and post hoc reasoning in order to support an argument. Example: Epidemics occurred many years ago and were apparently corrected by vaccines, therefore these epidemics will reoccur if no vaccines are used. This is post hoc reasoning assuming a casual relationship between two events.


POLARITIES: To most people, the world is divided into two camps, right/wrong, black/white.  There is no alternative.  It is also called either/or or two-valued thinking. Two-valued thinking can be very useful for the propagandist because it creates FALSE DILEMMAS.  An example of this is when an allopathic physician declares to parents concerned about the inherent danger in vaccines that “the risks of the disease outweigh the risks of the vaccine”. In other words, he is saying “there is only ONE WAY to prevent the disease – vaccine use”, and there are no alternatives.


CARD STACKING: Card stacking is an extension of the two-valued thinking just mentioned. It is the “art” of carefully selecting and presenting ideas and data (that may be true or false) so that only the best or worst possible case is presented. Any other possibilities are either ignored or discredited. The object of all this is to get the public to REACT STRONGLY, “FOR” or “AGAINST” an idea, issue, person, or object.

An example of this technique would be a pediatrician who explains to a television audience how “vaccines wiped out” dread diseases, without giving credit to improved sanitation, personal hygiene, improved diet, or the supreme capabilities of the immune system. The technique is very often accompanied, in terms of “studies”, by publication of incomplete data, promotion of far-reaching claims and refusal to publish collateral data which questions the safety or efficacy of what is being promoted.


Card stacking can also be concealed by misleading use of words and “discussions” where only the proponents of a particular group are present.


LOADED IMAGES: The goal of the propagandist is to “stack the deck” with emotionally charged meanings or connotations.  An example would be reference to a disease as a “hidden menace” or a “killer and crippler” and that “a vaccine is the only solution.” Interestingly, in terms of vaccines for relatively benign, self-limiting diseases of childhood, these diseases have because of vaccines been transformed into more serious conditions in adolescents and young adults.  See our master analysis of the vaccine paradigm or books on the subject for details.


LOADED WORDS: Loaded words can be used to get attention, arose fear and induce the population to obey “authorities”. Newspapers are a good source illustrating this. With reference to disease and the allopathic paradigm, words like “dread”, “deadly” and “risk” appear frequently in order to intimidate the reader. In order to suppress movement toward alternatives, words like “quack” are ironically directed toward “unapproved” solutions. The irony is that the word “quack”, associated with incompetence and deception, belongs with orthodox allopathy, not as a blanket ALLNESS directed toward non-polaric alternatives and proponents of them. But, this is the way orthodoxy attempts, and succeeds, at intimidating the public.


THE BANDWAGON APPROACH: Everywhere you will find editorials in newspapers which argue for passage of a particular law or proposal by pointing out something like “16 states now have this law” or “35 states now use fluoridation”, or “65,000 children received this vaccine last year in Ohio”, suggesting that “everybody is doing it” so it “must be right”.  The bandwagon approach to propaganda.  The idea that something is “right” or “good” if enough people are doing it is one of the most seductive of mental traps, because within it lies the human need to belong to a group.  The problem with “bandwagons” is that they can easily promote mindless conformism and unconsciousness. Because bandwagons are action-oriented rather than critical-inquiry oriented, unconsciousness is often a consequence.  The “solutions” often demanded by bandwagon approaches are nearly always quantitative in terms of “status quo” solutions. Nowhere is this better illustrated than in the vaccination and AIDS bandwagons.  With vaccines, it is “more education” and “more legislation” to get more people injected.  With AIDS, it is “more money” for “more research” into “more drugs” and “more vaccines”. Bandwagons, therefore, can easily become part of the problem itself.

Headline – Washington D.C.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has determined, on scientific evidence, that CO2 is hazardous to your health. Plans are being put into place to control carbon unit (sentient life forms) emissions in the form of breathing rations. Sources say that the miscellaneous departments that will be responsible for enforcement will also have to develop a carbon unit disposal plan resulting from the breathing ration’s termination effects. Moreover, they were warned of the resulting methane gas emissions that would result from rotting flesh. Methane is right up there on the bad gas list. All questions concerning this matter should be directed to the Office of the President regarding the call for a low carbon economy.

Book Review – Islamofacism

Dear Friends,

I just finished reading the book by Brigitte Gabriel “They Must Be Stopped”. Previously I’d commented on her other book, “Because They Hate”.

This last book really lays it on the line how through P.C. methods and using our freedoms against us, we are slowly succumbing to the power of Islam. One example stands out how the airport in St. Louis installed foot-baths to accommodate Muslim prayer rituals. She pointed out that no airports in the Middle East have such facilities. Try to get such accommodation for something Christian or Jewish and the ACLU would be all over it, as would the freedom from religion clique. Europe, and especially the U.K. are much further down this road. The Archbishop of Canterbury said that installation of Sharia law was inevitable in some cases.

While I’ve been tracking this progression mentally since September 11, 2001, I am still amazed by the ambivalence of the general public to this incrementalism issue. In one case, a priest of the orthodox church dismissed it out of hand. Another person said “love” will conquer all. Love is very powerful, for sure, but just not quite as powerful as a knife or an AK-47. That person accused me of being paranoid. I’d definitely say I was better informed than that individual.

Some time ago, I obtained a copy of The Holy Qur’an and was comparing some of the examples Gabriel gave (a sanity check). The very example I started with on routinely beating your wife was much softened in the version I had (4:34). The next page she went on to say that since she is a native Arabic speaker, that “Tad-ru-bu-hu-nna” means “beat them”. Hmmm. Six other translations support her. My copy said, “chastise them.” Is this the old camel nose under the tent routine?

Certainly the number of issues we face on a day-to-day basis is daunting, but our instant gratification and short memory society is starting to get us into a pack of trouble with groups that measure their goals in decades, not a two year election cycle.