Month: May 2009

The Milieux

Dear Friends,

As I sit here contemplating my navel on this Memorial Day weekend, I must relate my frustration with the current business picture and outlook.  In past recessions, there was a basic trust that the government wasn’t going to undermine future business decisions, so we went about our inventive way to dig ourselves out of our respective financial holes.  Now, “CHANGE” has become quicksand for the business decision process.  The decision I make today will most certainly be put down tomorrow.  Think about the various GM and Chrysler bondholders, stockholders, and dealers as an example of government meddling gone wild.  We have become a nation of zombie-like creatures feeding on the remaining blood of wealth our country took so many years to establish.

Nonetheless, there is still the possibility of a catalyst arising that will inspire people to action.  When we weren’t so jaded by all these technological toys that currently litter the planet, the latest and greatest toy would get people excited and thinking about other toys and we would jet out of the doldrums.  I thought that HDTV may do that, but the government already helped muddy that a bit by extending the digital TV cut-over date.  Thank you very much, Congress.  (This is similar to the results of bilingual education proponents… same group of misguided do-gooders.)

The behemoth of public opinion could be a catalyst.  The recent defeating vote to disable further California fiscal silliness may just tick off enough independents and left of center thinkers nationwide to take action to get Washington on a more realistic track.  Ridiculous statements by Colin Powell and others that people want to pay more taxes only fan the flames, especially when people see the corruption and waste in our current governments at ALL levels.  Our public education system is the cause célèbre of pumping more and more money into a bureaucracy with rapidly declining and deplorable results.  Thank you very much NEA and CTA!  Will this anger and angst create opportunity?  I can only hope it will fix some of the upside-down thinking that is currently passing as our government at various levels.  I can only hope that it will reign in the overwhelming arrogance of our elected and appointed elitist and statist officials luxuriating in their six-digits incomes and bloated retirement benefits.

Michael Medved is very wrong that our two party system is all that is needed.  Neither party reflects our founding values anymore.  Neither party has a clue about about what to do other than to accumulate as much power as possible as quickly as possible.  Dennis Prager said it the best, paraphrasing… “We have two parties, the evil party and the stupid party.  I belong to the stupid party (the Republicans)”.  Do you want to sustain this lunacy?

Mark Levin, in his recent book, Liberty and Tyranny, outlined a conservative manifesto at the very end.  I would say that list is a pretty good starting point to neutralize this plague of left and right partisan bickering that continues to cripple our country.  From there, we can rebuild our country.  Take a look and tell me what you think.


Irony At Its Best

Dear Friends,

Did you take note that the UAW wants to sell its 55% share of Chrysler?  Think about it.  THEY KNOW that their burden on automobile manufacturing profits will make that share worthless.   Their solution?  Get what they can for the stock and move the healthcare burden over to the public sector by strong support for universal health care.

Friends, we are in big trouble.