Month: October 2009

A Third Party?

Dear Friends,

Many of you and I have discussed the issue of moving to a third party or possibly re-register with no party affiliation.  Clearly, if you belong to the Republican Party, a lot of frustration has built up stoked by continual requests for money accompanied by those silly RAH-RAH surveys.  If you are a registered Independent, I hope you will follow my thought process.  If you are a registered Democrat, you have probably already hit the delete button.

In a frustrated outburst about a year ago, I told my cousin that we have to scrap our form of government and start over.  She said, “Hold your horses!”  She continued by saying that our government according to the Constitution, is excellent.  It is just the rot within that is bringing it down.  A good housecleaning is in order.

Can a third party bring this about?  I’ve toyed with the idea many, many times and I’ve come to some conclusions.  They are definitely not the mocking and negative solutions that Michael Medved puts out on third party issues.

What happens when third parties gain traction?  The Democrat lost one because of Ralph Nader (Yeah!!)… but we got Bill Clinton because of Ross Perot.  Hmmm.

Since our system is “winner-take-all” in fundamental outcomes (Obama won, so now everyone has to shut-up.), we don’t have the luxury of forming a coalition similar to a parliamentary system.  As a result, fractures within an opposing party CAN easily destroy their chances to win.  It really forces the two parties to get their respective acts together as the Democrats apparently did during this last election.  McCain was a very divisive candidate that left most Republicans wondering what happened.  Palen saved a lot of votes, but the venom on the right (let alone the left) about her is a truly remarkable phenomenon to me.  It brought to the surface the party elites and the rest of the people for all to see.

Honestly, these various parties continue to pop up and some look very attractive, such as the Constitution Party.

IT JUST WON”T WORK.  The ego of the party leaders insists on putting forward a candidate and they lose and gum up the works for the rest of us.  Ron Paul is a strong Libertarian, but a registered Republican.  I am still trying to understand that one, but he may have realized he had no chance to forward his agenda within the Libertarian Party, which one key libertarian stated was being taken over by anarchists, at least in California.

What will work is PRESSURE from like-minded groups within the party.

What we have to do is to gather momentum and reshape the party around conservative ideals (not sticks on the mud from my detractors).

It is not easy.  It will not be easy.  Look at what has happened, as an example, to the mighty Anglican/Episcopal Church.  Rot within has caused a major schism.  Fortunately, they were not vying for the control of the United States.

As always, your comments are welcome.