Month: February 2010

The Illogic Of The Left…

Dear Friends,

Michael Savage stated, "Liberalism is a mental disorder". I have since substituted "Leftism" for "Liberalism" since the leftists keep moving the label target.

But I digress… At issue here is to accurately portray in as few words as possible the mental problems of the loony utopian left. I do this with a quite contemporary role playing skit:


Mr. Leftist: "We must pass this healthcare bill at all costs! Think of the children! I know this woman who is using her dead sister’s teeth."

Mr. Conservative: "We have no way to pay for it and it will, as written, cause prices to rise and service levels to fall."

Mr. Leftist: "Why are you against healthcare reform, you selfish and cruel un-nuanced moron?"


Overlay this template on ANY leftist/conservative discussion and you will find the true illogic of the left. If this three-liner is too obtuse, let me know, but I am attempting to portray the parallel universe in which these utopians live.