Month: March 2010

Regulations are the perverse vehicle to remove all possibilities of critical human thought

Dear Friends,

Obama sees Obamacare in sight and he is already campaigning for more financial reform.

One must ask why the right attempts to reduce regulation, and the left attempts to increase regulation. To me, it is clear.

The right knows that freedom and liberty depend on the free flow of ideas and a reasonable amount of risk taking. The left is risk averse and therefore is, to paraphrase Churchill, good at redistributing misery with other people’s money. Their solution is layer after layer of suffocating rules and regulations.

If you analyze all the great financial fiascoes, there were rules in place, but they were either not enforced or a “legal” bypass was devised. It has become too difficult with conflicting regulations and arcane interpretations to clearly lay blame. So, in one respect, this has become a big game fed by the bureaucrats, the legal system, and the crooks.

This is, more and more, leaving the average citizen with invisible handcuffs on. Recall the stifling number of agency approvals needed to open a business in San Fransicko.

I think this problem is sinking in because it has been years since I’ve heard the refrain, “There oughta be a law!”


Irrational Government / Irrational Business

Dear Friends,

Some time ago, I’d complained that the government reaction to lower usage of mass transit or parking was to raise fares or fees. Business is a bit quirky in this regard, as well. Recall the flood of paperwork earlier this year surrounding fees, etc. for credit cards. Some held their position… very few did that. Citi raised one of my credit cards from 13.9% to 21.9% for no reason other than to get by coming legislation that would limit such usury. I complained and they gave me 50 bucks. Hmmm. Needless to say, I am looking for a new credit card company that doesn’t yank my chain every other month with new rules or reduced benefits.

The latest debacle is with Anthem Blue Cross. As we watch this health care fiasco, one has to wonder what Anthem Blue Cross was thinking when they announced a nearly 40% increase in rates at such a sensitive juncture. If I were the chairman of that company, I would have fired the CEO for such a blunder. One can only think conspiracy theory and that we are all being set up. I.E. Obama and his lackeys have been chastising Insurance Companies when they take time off chastising Wall Street. Suppose there was government/insurance company collusion on this issue to help the passage momentum Stretch Pelosi is trying to muster in the house. We’d all heard that certain mandates would be a short-term windfall to insurance companies until the illusive government option puts them out of business long after the current Blue Cross CEO is out of the picture. Be watchful.