Month: September 2010

Pet Peeve #2,456,345

Dear Friends,

You will note that the number of “Pet Peeves” is growing exponentially.  Don’t ask me for a history..  I am not that well organized!

Anyway, to my point…

I am listening the talk radio and I hear this ad from Chase that they will give small businesses a special deal is they take out a loan to hire people.  Think about that for a minute.  Has Chase gone mad or are they again having their arms twisted by the likes of Frank and/or Dodd and ultimately Barack Obama, none of whom have the slightest idea of how a business is run?  Obama complains about small businesses not hiring, when the policies he and his lieutenants have put in place have not yet been quantified by the business community as to how these policies will adversely affect business (It is a foregone conclusion they will not aid business.).

Obama said one time he was frustrated that small businesses are not hiring, so this plan seems to be a knee-jerk reaction to this statement.  Moreover, this class warfare that the current administration is engaging in is further damaging small business investment and/or hiring, since many of the business owners fall into that dangerous >$250,000 “GROSS” income zone.

The left’s solution?  Figure out a way to confiscate the cash from persons and businesses, because the current administration knows better what to do with it AFTER further support of entitlement programs and union payoffs have taken their piece of the action.

Am I frustrated?  You betcha!!