Month: July 2014

Genesis One and Two

I am writing this as the result of the lead-up to the “Genesis” movie coming out later this year (2014). I said to myself, “Great”, but then discovered that “creationists” were endorsing it. That really piqued my interest and potential invective…the latter being a very poor way to start an opinion piece.

For my purposes, there are two main opposing camps when discussing our origins (both rejected by mainstream Christianity)…

The atheists are a group that use “science” to prove there is no God.

The creationists (6 day / 6,000 years) are a group that use “science” to prove there is a God.

The rest of us lie in the muddled middle taking the Biblical account on theological faith and finding no need to take it much further. Intensive investigation, as demonstrated by these polar opposites (Ham versus Dawkins), is a demonic distraction and movement away from the central message of salvation. Someone asked me for demonic evidence. Does making my skin crawl when subjected, and I mean subjected, to expositions of both count? To put it in secular terms, when teaching a Secret Service agent how to detect counterfeit money, ALL they study are real bank notes.

The old saying goes that the “Devil is in the details” and I truly, truly believe that he is influencing both of these groups.

We’ve had a recent incident trying define what “is” is. The same holds true for science. Science has become an agenda driven item distorted by those wanting to make sketchy issues more valid or to appear more truthful.

To move quickly toward a conclusion without volumes of citations and other rabbit trails, at least from my view, I will share with you what I think/believe relative to our origins.

  1. I believe the earth is 4+ billion years old. It is not 6,000 or so years old as creationists would have you believe. I base this on geological processes and the time at which they move. The caveat to this is God has control over time and space, but I cannot put my mind around why the billions of years would be shortened and then slowed down to the current pace.
  2. I don’t believe that man “evolved” from a single cell. 4+ billion years IS NOT enough time to get everything sorted out. More concerning, it refutes that God is the Creator irrespective of time. It IS NOT statistically possible if evolution were mere chance blind processes of chemistry and physics as claimed by the “new” atheists. I do believe that there was a guiding hand in the creation process (I think “Intelligent Design” is a good term, but apparently it has already been usurped by the creationist crowd). I think it is a stretch to label it as evolution, i.e. some sort of metaphysical and/or random laboratory workshop building up things over time in a trial and error way.
  3. I don’t believe that man walked with dinosaurs even though one example is alleged to show homo erectus footprints next to a dinosaur’s in a petrified muddy flat.
  4. I don’t have enough information to emphatically claim that the six days were a literal six days or millennia. I don’t think anyone else does either.
  5. Was there a world before Adam? Yes, the geological record supports that. Does it have anything to add to the central messages of the Bible? Not really, in my opinion.
  6. I believe there is micro-evolution (adaptation) and survival of the fittest. That is probably as close as I want to get to Darwin’s theories that have “evolved” over the last 1.5 centuries to be misused for evil purposes of removing man’s hope and to promulgate all sorts of disregard for human life.

Do I dwell on this? Generally not until such events as the “Genesis” movie bring the topic to the forefront.

I simplistically look at this issue as another divisive distraction similar to class warfare, abortion, racism, etc., but only in the religious/spiritual realm.

Anytime either party tries to prove his/her position, real scientific method is thrown out the window. Both sides push their positions like an indoctrinating cult or religion and many times in hateful or threatening terms.

Back in the old days, evolution was taught as a theory and even then, proof was fabricated to push the agenda forward. The Bible was allowed in school.

Now, evolution is being pushed as scientific fact to our impressionable youth and the Freedom from Religion fanatics are trying to construct an impenetrable wall such that Christianity and the Bible are excluded.

Whether you are a believer or non-believer in God of the Bible, it is important to understand and minimize what I consider evil forces that espouse scientific fact and finality, i.e. conflating science and theology… misrepresenting scientific fact and advocating ‘God of the gaps’ theology. Over time, we have seen rejection, modification, etc. of widely accepted conventional knowledge or wisdom. Over time, I believe we have also seen a decline in the level of wisdom. This has misled our societies to jump from one hot issue to another with reckless abandon.

You can be darn sure that someone, somewhere is gaining from this at the expense of the gullible.

Additional reading which may enlighten, but also create more questions outside the scope of this essay…