A German friend sent me the following e-mail:

Dear Friends,

To have a better understanding, I would like to know your opinion about this current situation in the US, I just saw President Obama’s speech on TV.

We outside the US and everybody I talk to in Germany, Thailand, Singapore, don’t quite understand the American public on this subject.

People stating that “every school now needs a good guy with a gun to protect children”.

Are they insane or do they really believe that the next attacker will first go to the “good guy with a gun” and ask him to draw before he finishes his work?

If so, it appears they need to build more hospitals for the insane

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Sincères Salutations / with best regards


I responded with the following verbosity…


I could never stomach watching the Marxist Imam for any length of time, however, hopefully you will find some sanity in the following remarks…

1.  I fully support Americans’ right to bear arms.  The question is where to draw the line.  Fully automatic weapons, cannons, heavy artillery, grenades, etc. ARE NOT allowed.  Semiautomatic weapons have always been allowed.

2.  I see no necessity to have 100 round drums or 30 round clips. These have all been glorified in the movies and video games. Semiautomatic rifles have changed their looks to look like their military brethren.  That should make no difference in the law. Some people would disagree with my view on large clips or magazines, because they feel the tyranny of an oppressive government breathing down on them with the associated chaos of displaced and violent persons.

3.  If it takes armed guards to protect our children, so be it in the short-term, however, such a suggestion is one more march toward a military lock-down state.  We have enough of that crap every time we fly.

4.  We have to address three issues:
A. Mentally ill (usually drugged) people getting hold of weapons
B. Why guns and rifle sales are skyrocketing
C. The effect of the Hollywood sewer pipe of violence

A.  We have difficulty committing the criminally insane to the levels we should these days.  Back in the late 1950’s, the communist organization, the ACLU, created unintended consequences by raising the possibility of people being committed that really didn’t belong there.  Certainly, the McCarthy era created a situation where wrongly accused persons could have been jailed or committed to an asylum much the same as occurred in the Soviet Union or during the Woodrow Wilson era in the early 1900’s. Johnson started the ball rolling to close many State Hospitals and these persons were turned out on the streets and usually fell off their meds.  Moreover, more recently, many parents have been burdened with psychotic children with no outlet as a result.  It is said the mother in Newtown was trying to get her son committed.  We also have the feminized, politically correct school indoctrination centers trying to make uniform robots out of our children.  Boys usually don’t conform, so they are diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, Bipolar, etc. to allow them to be drugged into submission. Granted, there are some who should be committed, but we are in an over-drugged state at the moment.  These young boys are the primary perpetrators of such crimes.  This is the main area where most of our energy should be applied, but the hysteric left in this country is trying to use the chaos to implement further nanny-state controls… not just gun control.

B.  Gun sales are going crazy.  Most stores are sold out.  There are two factors at play here… The forbidden fruit similar to Prohibition in the early ’20’s which was totally ineffective… AND, most importantly, we have a government that is totally out of control spending us into oblivion.  This creates a great deal of insecurity among people who are awake and know what is going on (not low information voters).  It is our birthright to ultimately overthrow such tyranny when it becomes too oppressive.  If we are disarmed, under the present trends, we become cannon fodder for these tyrants and ruling elites.  At least 50% of this country still has an instinct for individual self-preservation in a dangerous world.  If you study history, even the U.S. can succumb to such forces and it is well on its way to do so by our feckless leadership.

C.  The ACLU and First Amendment crowd pooh-pooh any attempts at moderating the filth and violence being generated by Hollywood. One only has to ask how one feels after watching one of these blood splatter fairy tales.  It usually isn’t very good.  It has become increasingly difficult to protect our children from seeing such images as this fog permeates our civil society.  On one side, I am against censorship… on the other side, we have to be able to protect our children and mentally unstable people from this crap.  If you want to understand why such control is minimized, further study of the Fabian Socialist agenda and/or the Communist Manifesto should be taken to heart.

You’ve questioned such trends before as being exaggerated or part of a conspiracy theory.  You will say that such fears are overblown.  If one studies history of at least the last 150 years, especially Marx, Darwin, Nietzche, etc., history DOES repeat itself over and over and our children ARE NOT being taught the perils of communism and the advantages of capitalism.  They are being indoctrinated into socialism-lite via racism, sexism, class warfare, and homophobia propagated by this administration NOT by those poor berated conservatives.  The Republican elite have become the lapdogs of the left.


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