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On many of my missives, I put a caveat about the local misused word “liberal”.  The words that should be used, as appropriate, are communist, socialist, anarchist, fascist, totalitarian, leftist, progressive, etc.
The reason I am so noisy about this issue is because people outside this country are annoyed by this usage, so this is my attempt to recapture the language that the left has misappropriated.  Try as I must, I still must explain what a “classic” liberal is.
Sooooo, if I can trust that leftist Google search engine, here is what comes up…
Classical liberalism is a political ideology that advocates limited government, constitutionalism, rule of law, due process, individual liberties including freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and free markets.
WOW!  Some wish to associate this with libertarianism.  I’ve stated several times that I am a conservative libertarian.  However, I do wish to separate classical liberalism from libertarianism (as practiced by John Stossel and Ron Paul) in that pure libertarianism is naive about human nature and lacks a moral overlay.
Maybe Hillary took this definition to heart when she classified herself as a “progressive”.
Here is a short video from Dr. Nigel Ashford… no relation that I know of… which gives a nice overview:
So puleeze try to eliminate the use of the word “liberal” as applied to the lawless overlords we are currently under.
As an example of a conversion, Dennis Prager, misused the word in this link:
He has since moved to the usage of “leftist”.  Good on him.
P.S. My next crusade is to switch conservatives from red to blue as it should be.  This is another gross mislabeling, first, by chance, and next by the left relishing how they shifted the image of their heart to conservatives.

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