English Composition 101

Dear Friends,

A few weeks back I took to task the overuse of trite words or phrases in our day-to-day conversations.  A few are listed here…
…going forward… (In lieu of “in the future” or…)
…at the end of the day… (In lieu of finally or in conclusion or…)
…have a nice one… (In lieu of a simple “Thank You”)
…like… (Largely an uncontrolled affliction of youth)
…reach out… (In lieu of calling you on the phone, etc.)
…f___… (In lieu of saying NOTHING in its place)
These are all quite harmless, if not horribly boring, but when someone states something that has a completely different or misleading meaning, then this can be dangerous.
My phrase of the day…
“All politicians lie (or are crooked)”
This is usually evoked when I or someone else slams the Marxist Imam or his ilk.
What this phrase really means is…
“I supported and voted for the Marxist Imam and now regret it, but I can’t admit I made a mistake.”
Isn’t it truly refreshing when someone states what they are really thinking even if it is painful?

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