Liberal Versus Progressive


Dear Friends,

At a “holiday” party last night, I met this lady who had graduated from the University of Oregon in Eugene. I couldn’t help myself by stating that I was at odds with their liberal politics and politically correct indoctrination…typical of many U.S. schools today. Since she’d had a drink too many, her brain locked up just after she claimed it was not liberal, but progressive. The locking was due to my asking her what the difference is. I truly would like to know. She muttered something about not accepting the status quo or conservative conventions, i.e. free thinkers. Hmmm. That is the last thing I would characterize the university scene as these days.

Actually, from many of my positions expounded to keep the dialog going, she claimed I WAS NOT a conservative, but a liberal. I tentatively agreed with her. By then, she was so confused, she told her boyfriend, a lawyer (she was too…), to beat me up. He said he doesn’t talk politics and took another sip of wine.

Merry Christmas.






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